When? Holidays and Important Events App for iOS4 Devices

When? has been discontinued and will not be updated anymore.


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Do you want to know when Mother’s Day is this year? Wouldn’t it be easier to have it on your calendar? It gets pretty tedious adding all those important events and holidays by hand. When? is an App for iOS4 Devices that allows you to easily find and add holidays and important events to your built in calendar.

It contains important events for many countries (with states or provinces where applicable) and religions. New categories and events will be continually added. When? makes it simple to add events to your calendar in two easy steps:

  1. Find the event or events you want using categories.
  2. Tap the + button and the event is immediately added to your calendar!

You can even add an entire category with just two taps. Tired of having an event on your calendar? Remove it just as easy by pressing the red check mark. That is all you need to do!

Click here to check it out in the App Store!

Screen Shots

When? Main ScreenWhen? Countries

When? GermanyWhen? Religions


The toolbar icons used are the TWG iPhone Toolbar Icons..

The other icons are from the FamFamFam icons collections: Silk and Flags.

The hand drawn arrows on the intro screen are from Think Design.